Some new car deals for 2013


Peugeot 107 deal

The January sales haven’t even started yet, but you can still save some cash on a new car.

If you’ve been eyeing the neighbours’ new car and fighting the urge to compete, don’t worry: big savings can be made on new cars – how does four grand off a brand new Mondeo sound?

So before you head to your local dealer, here are 13 of the best deals we could find for 2013:

1 – A Peugeot 107 is a small chunk of French city-car chic. It costs very little to run, due to its small, economical engine and compact dimensions. Better still is finance from just £83 per month, a 14 per cent saving. Its cute looks and decent ride quality only add to the appeal.

2 – Skodas constantly win plaudits for their comfort, refinement and efficiency, so getting 17 per cent off its most popular car, the Octavia is a very good deal. The fact that this equates to only £213 per month makes it better still… 

3 – The Vauxhall Corsa has been among the top-selling cars in the UK for a number of years, and with deals like this, it’s not hard to see why. Coupled with the Corsa’s sharp looks, 100,000-mile lifetime warranty and impressive practicality, it’s difficult to say no.

4 – Nissan struck gold with the Qashqai crossover, which boasts reliability, very low running costs and practicality, all nicely packaged in a trendy family car with good residual values. If you need another reason to buy, this one is £195 per month – 20 per cent off the list price.

5 – The current Ford Mondeo isn’t long for this world, with the new model just around the corner, but this means there are bargains to be had with the outgoing version. This high-spec Titanium X is an absolute steal, with almost £4,000 wiped off the list price. The turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine is also sporty without being too thirsty.

6 – Skoda’s flagship, the Superb, has set benchmarks for practicality and comfort, so when it’s loaded with kit, plus the desirable 2.0-litre TDI engine and almost £5,000 knocked off the price, it’s quite difficult to find a reason not to buy one. A brilliant deal for a brilliant car.

7 – Since Kia’s recent revolution in quality, its cars have gone from strength to strength. The Sportage is no exception. Its crisp styling easily matches rivals such as the Toyota RAV4 andHonda CR-V. Looks aside, an outstanding warranty and excellent finance rate of 7.5 per cent mean this car is more affordable than ever.

8 – Citroen’s eye-catching DS3 has been praised for its quirky styling, inspiring drive and generous kit, as well as being a credible rival to the popular MINI. The ultra-fashionable supermini also comes with an eight per cent finance rate and 16 per cent off the list price, which equates to a £2,800 saving.

9 – The stylish and comfortable Mercedes E-Class cabriolet is a large, comfortable convertible with room for four people. This E250 CDI BLUEefficiency is recommended for its frugal engine and attractive design. Even more attractive is this latest deal, which sees £5,500 taken off the list price.

10 – The Volkswagen Jetta is a Golf with a boot. Practicality is this car’s main asset, with a large boot and lots of rear legroom, but Sport spec adds plenty of kit to enhance the overall quality feel. With £3,300 off the list price, it’s cheap too, and an eight per cent finance rate makes this a proper bargain.

11 – Getting 17 per cent off a high-spec Ford Focus can’t be ignored. It’s good to drive, Titanium spec means sharper looks and plenty of kit, while the 1.6-litre TDCi engine is strong and impressively economical. It’s Britain’s best-selling hatchback for a very good reason.
12 – The Citroen DS4 is the epitome of sophisticated French design. Couple its striking looks with generous kit, good refinement, lots of safety equipment plus a high-quality feel, and you get a unique and individual car that’s excellent value, too; with almost £7,000 off the price. 

13 – The Vauxhall Insignia kick-started Vauxhall’s reinvention as a higher quality brand. The interior is made of premium quality materials, and the model in general is a big step up from the frumpy Vectra. So this is the best deal in our selection: £8,100 (more or less the price of an Agila supermini), knocked off the RRP of a brand new Insignia. 

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